We offer one-night art classes for adults!  Get out there and have some fun!  Don't worry, we sketch the image out for you, and take you through it step-by-step!  

The cost of a one-night adult class ranges between $30-$35.  We include all of the paint, canvas, aprons, easels, and fun!  You can bring in any food or drinks you want... even adult beverages!

We have classes on our monthly calendar that are open to the public for you to call and reserve a spot! 

You may be interested in our door hanger classes (click Front Door Wars tab) or our Pinterest Craft Nights (Click Pin Pals tab)

Want your own private paint party with your own friends?  

It takes 8 people to make a private group, each paying his/her own fee ($30-$35).  Look at our gallery of images, pick a night and a design you all agree on, and give us a call to book it!  You can bring in whatever food and drinks to share! 

Sample Canvases

Book a party

If you would like to book a private party,  please call the studio at 601-450-2787